Become an OptimumHQ Referral Partner!
OptimumHQ Referral Partners introduce OptimumHQ to companies that need to be saved from any of their off-the-shelf or old software solutions, upgrade to enterprise resource planning (ERP), or implement a software solution that is 100% customizable and a fraction of the cost of custom software.

Referral Partners receive a Referral Fee of 10% of the Startup Cost plus 15% of the License Fee for 6 months.

Benefits to Partners

OptimumHQ Referral Partners benefit by saving their clients from fragmented, over-priced software and manual solutions.

1. Have a solution to every software challenge your clients face.
2. Stack your services with OptimumHQ’s boundless functionality to create new services.
3. Exclusive access to information about OptimumHQ’s feature and product releases.
4. Access to co-branded marketing material.

There’s no cost or ongoing requirement for membership in the OptimumHQ Referral Partner Program.
OptimumHQ manages the cost of selling, closing, implementing and servicing companies you refer.

Introduce Your Clients To The Software
That Will Solve Their Toughest Business Challenge.

How do you know a client would benefit from OptimumHQ?

They complain about their software, need to streamline a workflow but can't find a software solution,
or they need an ERP but don't want to change their operations in the process.

Benefits to Your Clients

Be your client's hero by solving their toughest business challenge with OptimumHQ.

Your clients will benefit from OptimumHQ by first targeting their immediate business challenges with a software solution
configured to meet their exact needs, then updating and adapting OptimumHQ to solve their company-specific challenges
as they become a priority, and enjoying a lower total cost of ownership than any alternative software solution.





"I can build an administrative site in 50% of the time it previously took and making changes is a LOT easier than creating a hand-coded admin site and a standard database."

- Lance Shepard, Owner, Long Thought Solutions


"OptimumHQ makes the impossible, possible! It's customized to do exactly what we need; it automates processes that save us time and money and makes projects successful."

- Stephanie Apostol, Senior Analyst, Westgroup Research


“Rather than waiting a year before we can use basic pieces of a custom ERP/CRM system, we were able to prioritize action items by importance and hit the ground running."

- Jon Levin, President, Spectrum Group