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    "Optimum has been a wonderful partner as they have been responsive to changing needs throughout the pandemic. They have provided innovative and practical solutions to our compliance matters."
    Mercedes Gutierrez, Vice President of HR (Cerritos College)

    TB Compliance - Employee Evaluation Tracking - Student Onboarding

    Developed hand-in-hand with California Community Colleges...for California Community Colleges.

    A Unique Approach for Every Community College

    Our approach to providing software solutions is what sets us apart. Our highly customizable Solution Modules are continuously adapted to the real-life, day-to-day workflows of each college.

    Customization is key because you want to work your way, without constraint from your software. We automate the manual-intensive, administrative tasks that take so much of your time while easily integrating with your existing internal systems.

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    TB Compliance

    Every four years, your employees need to submit a new tuberculosis risk assessment and a Certificate of Completion signed by a health care provider. Safe Return/TB will alert you to who is due, send automated notifications, collect the necessary signed forms and store all digital copies.

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    Employee Evaluation Tracking

    Optimum's Evaluation Tracking Solution Module automates employee notification, scheduling, tracking, and confirmation for timely performance evaluations across all employee types.

    Key features include a central communications console for notifications and alerts via email, SMS, phone, chat, and IM, customizable workflows, and a secure records repository.

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    Student Onboarding

    Our Student Onboarding solution is designed to enhance the onboarding experience for you and your students:

    • Flexible: Customize multiple onboarding experiences for every student type
    • Analytics Dashboard: Identify bottlenecks and improve onboarding completion
    • Centralized support for Texting, Chat, Email, Phone
    • Improve your enrollment percentages and speed of onboarding
    • Always know where every student is for every stage of your process

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    Approved by the Foundation of California Community Colleges (FCCC)

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