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    "Optimum has been a wonderful partner as they have been responsive to changing needs throughout the pandemic. They have provided innovative and practical solutions to our compliance matters."
    Mercedes Gutierrez, Vice President of HR (Cerritos College)

    Operational Efficiency from Workflow Automation

    Student Onboarding

    Personalize your student onboarding processes with Optimum's customizable solution module:

    • Versatile: Tailor onboarding experiences to suit various student types
    • Insightful Analytics: Pinpoint obstacles and optimize onboarding progress
    • Unified Support: Centralize assistance across text, chat, email, and phone channels
    • Boost enrollment rates and streamline onboarding timelines

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    Employee Evaluation Tracking

    Streamlines employee notifications, scheduling, tracking, and confirmation for timely performance evaluations across diverse employee categories.

    Key features comprise a centralized communication hub for notifications and alerts through email, SMS, phone, chat, and IM, customizable workflows, and a secure records repository.

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    TB Compliance

    Every four years your employees must complete a new tuberculosis risk assessment followed by a Certificate of Completion signed by a healthcare provider. Safe Return/TB will remind you of upcoming deadlines, create automatic notifications, collect forms that have been signed, and store all digital copies securely.

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    California Community Colleges

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    Take Communication To The Next Level

    Connect with students how they want, when they want, to enhance engagement and foster long-lasting relationships.

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